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Plastic Surgeons in Edina

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nathan Leigh - Minneapolis
Dr. Nathan Leigh – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
“Named Top Doctor 2010 by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine”

Phone: (952) 925-1765

Dr. Nathan Leigh, Plastic Surgeon, invites you to learn more about Edina Plastic Surgery!

Minneapolis St. Paul Location:

Edina Plastic Surgery, Ltd.
6525 France Avenue South, Suite 300
Edina, Minnesota 55435

Top Plastic Surgeons in Edina, Minnesota

If you are already located in Edina, it easy to request a consultation with a plastic surgeon to address your desires for plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons will spend as much time as you need to make a well-educated decision about your wishes. Traveling for plastic surgery does require some planning, but the investment in time can be worthwhile to reach the right plastic surgeon for you. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will take your medical history, perform an examination, show you before and after photos, develop a treatment plan, and discuss alternatives to the treatment plan. You may discuss both short and long term goals for anti-aging at this time as well. A proactive approach to anti-aging may prevent the need for more invasive treatment later on. Whether you are traveling from Minneapolis, St. Paul, or outside of Minnnesota, traveling for plastic surgery to Edina can be rewarding.