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Plastic Surgeons in New York New York

Dr_AbramsonDr. David L. Abramson invites you to learn more about plastic surgery. Visit the BIO of Dr. David L. Abramson and his website.  

“President of New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons and President-Elect of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgery”

New York Plastic Surgery Office

42A E. 74th Street

New York, NY 10021

PHONE: (646) 543-5984

Plastic Surgeons in New York New York

Plastic surgeons in New York New York who are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery must adhere to the highest standards in the field of cosmetic surgery for safety. A select number of board certified Plastic surgeons in New York New York offer fully accredited facilities and are affiliated with select hospitals. Fully accredited facilities must meet a wide variety of standards to ensure that the proper equipment, staffing, and technology are available to perform safe plastic surgery. Hospitals ensure that the plastic surgeon’s skills are reviewed by peers. People interested in plastic surgery may choose general anesthesia to remain asleep for his or her procedure. Alternatively, today’s advanced anesthetics that are known to be quick acting and long lasting are popular as well, including: local anesthesia, intravenous sedation (“twilight”), regional anesthesia (nerve blocks) for those who qualify and have this preference.   

Traditionally, the core plastic surgery procedures, such as facial plastic surgery procedures, breast surgery for women, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and body lift procedures are generally, performed under general anesthesia. Today, there are some less invasive and non-invasive approaches available that offer beautiful results for those who qualify, such as, medi spa services (medical grade skincare, skin resurfacing, injectables and facial fillers) and Cool Sculpting for Fat Reduction.    

Visit the BIO for Dr. David Abramson, board certified plastic surgeon in New York, to learn more about what you need to know about the credentials of a leading plastic surgeon.