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154293474Panniculectomy offers a transformation that is not likely possible through any other means. Many people have found great benefits from the Panniculectomy to remove the apron of fatty tissue and excess skin that is over hanging in the abdominal area. Liposuction (to remove fat cells) and Tummy Tuck (tighten abdominal muscles) may be performed in conjunction with the panniculectomy procedure, if necessary to achieve the most natural contours possible.  On the up side, the Panniculectomy does exist so people can reclaim what was lost due to excess weight, pregnancy and/or unhealthy lifestyle habits. The Panniculectomy offers a means for those people who have been very overweight who still suffer from the appearance of their abdomen to have a new lease on life.

Combining Panniculectomy with Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

In some cases, the Tummy Tuck may be an adjunct procedure to the Panniculectomy. These procedures may be staged for safety reasons and to optimize the results. This means that the Panniculectomy may be performed first and the Tummy Tuck may be performed up to three months thereafter. If large volume Liposuction must be performed (4 liters of Liposuction), the procedure may be staged in separate sessions as well.  States may each have specific requirements for office based surgical liposuction. The Panniculectomy is often a complex procedure in and of itself, depending upon the degree of the apron of extending from the belt line. Thus, safety is the highest priority. During the procedure, you will be asleep with the aid of general anesthesia while your board certified plastic surgeon makes a discreet incision line along your belt line to treat this area. You may return home on the same day of the procedure, but may remain in the hospital overnight. Recovery may extend for up to six weeks before returning to most normal activities, but the results are very rewarding so people usually do not mind this time commitment. During recovery, you will be given anti-pain medication to stay ahead of discomfort and allow for early mobilization. The earlier you get up and walk around, the smoother the recovery typically. You will be provided with a complete list of pre-operative and post-operative instructions to reduce the risk of complications and to optimize your outcome. It is important to follow instructions to reduce risks and optimize safety for the goal of the best possible outcome.

In essence, the Panniculectomy offers a dramatic difference in the appearance of the abdomen. The results often elevate self-image and self-esteem; alleviate back discomfort; increase mobility; offer reprieve from skin chafing and skin conditions in the abdominal crease; and allow for improvements in exercise routines and results from exercise routines. Generally speaking, people interested the pannectomy are interested in body lift procedures to trim away excess skin and tissue in other bodily area following massive weight loss. The body lift procedures offer a most natural look and are typically the final stage in the transformation after massive weight loss.

If deemed a medical necessity, insurance may pay for all or a portion of the procedure. When doing so, request that your plastic surgeon secure a pre-authorization letter from your insurance company to identify the extent of your insurance coverage for the procedure. More and more insurance companies have been approving the costs for all or a portion of the Panniculectomy and body lift procedures.  Patient financing may assist with covering the costs of the procedure so you can experience the results from the procedure in a timely fashion.

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