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Pacific Beach Restaurant- The Turquoise Cafe Bar Europa

TurkThe Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa


Pacific Beach Location:

873 Turquoise St.  North Pacific Beach, San Diego, California  92109.

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The Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa offers a most pleasing ambiance, creating the aura that you will be in a stylish European Bar and Eatery for an evening getaway.  The top notch property offers an upscale drinking and dining experience at an affordable price in beautifully designed environment with all the best amenities. The Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa features an exterior patio, unique cuisine featuring a host of delightful dishes and appetizers, such as Tapas  and Live Entertainers that fill the air with wonderful melodies and lyrics in Jazz, Blues, Latino, Salza, Rock and much more.  The Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa also offers a great beer selection and some of the most tasteful wines and liquors. Whether you’d like to gather with friends, listen and dance to live music, relax and enjoy a small meal and a glass of fine wine, The Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa is for you!