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Orthopedic Surgeons in Edina Minnesota

drnelsonDr. Thomas E. Nelson, Edina Orthopedic Surgeon, welcomes the opportunity for you to learn more about his exceptional background and  offerings at Twin City Orthopedics Edina

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Orthopedic Surgeons in Edina

Orthopedic problems related to the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, nerves and tendons can cause severe implications unless these are treated with timely care, such as hip surgery or knee surgery. Before such orthopedic problems become more difficult to treat and affect life quality, one must contact a good orthopedic surgeon in his or her locality to treat the condition. People living in Edina, Minnesota, Minneapolis and St. Paul areas are lucky to find some extremely qualified, experienced orthopedic surgeons who are professionally trained to repair a broad range of orthopedic issues of the muscular system whether a genetic abnormality, work related injury or other forms of traumatic orthopedic injuries.  This includes: back pain, neck pain, arthritis, degenerative osteoporosis and much more. 

Normally, a professional orthopedic surgeon applies both surgical and non-surgical treatment, as the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests. The responsibility of Edina orthopedic surgeons does not limit to the surgery alone. They also give full information about the technicality related to the surgery, possibilities, risk associated with the process and other benefits that can be derived by the person in need of care in order to help them take a well educated decision.

When considering an orthopedic surgeon in Edina Minnesota, it is very important to consult a professional surgeon with quality qualifications in this field. We are proud to provide genuine information about quality orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Thomas E. Nelson found in Edina, Minnesota, Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.