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Los Angeles Back and Spine Orthopedic Specialist

Dr. Nick Shamie – Orthopedic Back and Spine Specialist
“Serving People and Peers Nationally and Internationally”

Phone: (310) 440-2999

Locations in Los Angeles

Santa Monica – UCLA Medical Center
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
1250 16th Street, 7th Tower, #745
Santa Monica, CA 90404


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Orthopedic Back and Spine Specialists in Los Angeles, California

Back pain treatment is popular in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and surrounding areas of California. With so many people that are highly active in their daily lifestyle, early diagnosis and treatment for spine conditions is popular in Los Angeles. Whether you are interested in any of the following areas, the best orthopedic spine specialists in Los Angeles are committed to treating you with the least invasive approach to produce the optimal benefit to support your active lifestyle.

  • Spinal Injury and conditions, such as, spinal stenosis, may be best served with early treatment.
  • Postponed spinal surgery, such as, laminectomy or in more severe cases, spinal fusion surgery may limit the ability to seize the best possible outcome for your back condition.
  • Early detection and related treatments that may be less invasive when compared to prolonged waiting with failed attempts at other back pain solutions, or you have a more advanced back pain condition,

Los Angeles California may be one of the greatest choices for your back pain diagnosis and treatment. Los Angeles may offer some of the most advanced spinal surgery technology in select facilities designed  to diminish discomfort, limit downtime, as well as, to preserve and restore your lifestyle.   Add to this a confidential consultation with a leading orthopedic specialist, traveling to Los Angeles for Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment may be an eye opening experience in more ways than one.

Los Angeles not only offers some of the nation’s most wonderful attractions and entertainment, but it is perfectly located to nearby Santa Monica,  Venice Beach, West Los Angeles, Marina Del Ray and more for fun filled entertainment every day. Even if your back pain is taking the most out of your day, Los Angeles is known for providing easy access for people with disabilities. There are comfort features associated with group tours, Palisades Park, and even nearby Disneyland. From the civic auditorium, to the shopping and dining, you’ll have plenty of ways to entertain yourself before and after your consultation at the state-of-the-art facilities associated with the best orthopedic spine specialists in the area of Los Angeles.

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