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The Secret Is Out About Eye Bright

153824127Time To Let The Secret Out about Eye Bright, medically termed, I-Brite®!

I-Brite® may be one of the latest trends for people with those little yellow or brown spots and blood shot eyes. Many people may not realize that the tired, unhealthy appearance of the eyes that may look like you are on drugs is really sun damaged eyes. When they arrive at Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler’s office, they are pleasantly surprised to learn that their sun damaged eyes can be remedied with almost the blink of your eyes. You may want to know about Healthy Vision Foods, but wait until you know more about I-Brite®!

As Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, I-Brite® inventor explains “It’s very exciting that people with this condition experience significant relief from sun damaged eyes with this outpatient procedure that is simple to fit into their lifestyle and budget!”  I-Brite® eliminates this condition to reveal healthy eyes which may also enhance your social activities and professional life.  Many people may not realize this unhealthy appearance of the eyes is due to damaged conjunctiva and excess blood vessels that can be removed in 15 minutes time. So, it’s time to come out and celebrate!

As Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler adds, “My patients had been concerned with the tired unhealthy appearance of their eyes and some people had become socially withdrawn. So, I-Brite® offers an easy procedure which heals to reveal new membranes for healthy normal white eyes. The results are a dramatic improvement.” It’s a great solution for people who are routinely dismissed from their eye doctors because they are unaware about the procedure known as I-Brite®.  Over 200,000 people search the Internet for the term “eyes bright”.

I-Brite® has a long term track record of safety and effectiveness. There have been no reports of infection, vision loss or any serious complicated side effects.  The results appear to be very consistent and permanent. While objective studies have been limited,   the subjective comparative analysis has made this procedure pass a test of time.  I-Brite® has been available for approximately the past eight years. People who take advantage of I-Brite® can usually finance the procedure through a no interest program with a $300.00 monthly payment over twenty four months.


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