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Manhattan New York Eye Doctor

Dello Russo Laser Vision

“LASIK Pioneers – First Medicare triple AHC rated facility in the Northeast for Cataract Surgery – First Commercial Excimer Laser in the Northeast – More”

Phone: 212.722.7629

Dello Russo Laser Vision Locations
1755 York Ave (at 92nd St.)
New York, New York 10128

Dr. Joseph and Jeff Dello Russo, Ophthalmologists, invite you to learn more about Dello Russo Laser Vision!

Manhattan New York Eye Doctor

Laser eye center in New York is just one center focus of the top eye doctors. Top eye doctors in New York offer some of the most advanced diagnostic technology and innovative treatment options to help ensure that you are properly qualified for LASIK, any other Refractive variation or alternative, including: diagnosis and treatment for eye conditions. From Custom Cornea, to variations of LASIK, such as, Custom LASIK, Flying Sport Laser, Wavefront Mapping, bladeless LASIK, PRK, and more, the top eye doctors in New York utilize cutting edge technology for optimized patient outcomes. Whether you are interested in treating an eye condition or vision loss, the leading eye doctors in Manhattan New York understand how to fit vision solutions into your lifestyle.

Traveling for Eye Surgery

Eye surgery may be performed out of the local area, providing you are prepared to stay on for a recovery time period, if necessary. The good news is that many types of eye surgery performed utilizing leading technology do not require a long term recovery time. For example, LASIK patients typically experience restored vision to 20/20 within 24 hours after eye surgery with the skill of top eye doctors. This leaves enough time for enjoyment in the New York City lifestyle. Cataract surgery through a minimal invasive approach is also associated with a short recovery time period when compared to some more invasive approaches. In the end, the advantage of selecting a top eye doctor often outweighs any concerns about traveling or downtime. In fact, downtime is often easily managed with medications that allow you to stay ahead of any discomfort before it begins, when necessary.

During your off time, you can feel free to take a relaxing stroll through Central Park, enjoy a concert at Lincoln Center, shop in SoHo and Greenwich Village or embark on a journey reflective of the many traditions in Manhattan.

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