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Lodonderry Eye Doctors & Surgeons

Dr. Beck - Boston Eye Doctor
Dr. Adam P. Beck – New England Eye & Facial Specialists

“Serving patients and the ophthalmology community nationwide!”

Phone: 603-421-0095

With offices in Boston, MA, N. Andover, MA and Lodonderry, NH

Locations in Lodonderry
75 Gilcreast Road, Suite 210
Lodonderry, NH 03053

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Selecting Your Eye Doctor in Lodonderry
Lodonderry New Hampshire is home to a select number of notable eye surgeons. Located close to nearby Harvard Medical School, it is no surprise that many Harvard trained physicians and surgeons settle into Lodonderry and surrounding areas in New Hampshire following medical school. In fact, these physicians and surgeons are likely to continue on with education through continuing training courses offered by medical organizations. Alternatively, they may commence their own research activities as this is encouraged in the medical community of leading physicians and surgeons.


Eye surgery in Lodonderry New Hampshire is quite popular for travelers. With access to some of the most innovative technology offered by leading eye surgeons, many people have been interested in traveling for access to leading eye surgeons and high quality vision care. Whether you are concerned about the diagnosis or treatment plan for your eye condition, such as, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma surgery, and vitreo-retinal surgery, or are interested in the latest Refractive surgical techniques, leading eye surgeons are equipped to diagnose and coordinate sophisticated treatment plans for your vision care.

For access to some of the most cutting edge eye procedures to restore vision, reduce or omit the need for eyeglasses and contacts, as well as, to prevent blindness, we invite you to learn more about our featured eye surgeon and we hope this information will assist you in selecting the right eye surgeon.