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Eye Doctors in Long Island

Dello Russo New Jersey Eye Center
Dello Russo New Jersey Eye Center

“A leading father and son eye care and surgery team in New Long Island”

Phone: 201.384.7333

Dello Russo Laser Vision Location in Long Island
1979 Marcus Ave. Ste. C111
New Hyde Park
Long Island, NY11042

Dr. Joseph and Dr. Jeff Dello Russo, Ophthalmologists, encourage you to consult with their practice about any of your eye conditions at the Dello Russo Laser Vision Long Island  Center today!

Eye Doctors in Long Island

Eye doctors in Long Island that are associated with best practices in ophthalmology tend to have a strong scientific background and high precision technical expertise. Top eye doctors in Long Island know the importance of precise measurements to meet specifications during eye surgery. The top eye doctors in Long Island know how to screen for the many types of eye conditions to allow for early detection and the possibility for the least invasive approach when compared to late stage diagnosis and treatment for some eye conditions. The most highly experienced eye doctors in Long Island often utilize the latest cutting edge technology to optimize patient outcomes.  Certainly, there are advantages to selecting an eye doctor with high level training  and experience who has also participated or lectured in areas of advancements for eye surgery, such as, Cataract Surgery, LASIK Surgery and other Refractive Surgery techniques that reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

The Journey to Long Island for Eye Surgery

Before you decide on journeying to Long Island for your eye surgery, you’ll want to know more about how to select a doctor. You’ll want to research the background of eye doctors, such as, provided by our sponsors in their profiles by clicking on the blue link next to their photo and also in their websites. If you are traveling long distance, you may be able to consult with the practice over the phone before you see the eye doctor. If you have an eye condition that’s been difficult to diagnosis or treat, you may be able to send your medical records to a Long Island ophthalmologist for their initial opinion. In any case, there’s a very good chance you’ll be satisfied by your diagnosis and treatment with a leading ophthalmologist.

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