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On the Watch List for Prostate Cancer?

Prevent Depression and Anxiety

Prostate Cancer Risk? If you or a loved one is in this category and over 65, you may be nearly twice as likely to be depressed and more than three times as likely to be anxious when compared to the general population of men over 65. It’s one thing to be monitoring for Prostate Cancer prediction. It’s another to contend with depression and anxiety over the risk or response to Prostate Cancer treatment. We encourage you to read on.

Researchers from the University of Southampton and University College London, both in the UK, examined the incidence of clinical depression and anxiety in 338 men who are actively being monitored for the risk or response to treatment for Prostate Cancer.  Nearly 15 percent of cases met the HADS (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale) criteria (score 8) for clinically significant depression and a little over 22 percent for anxiety. Single men are at a higher risk for anxiety.

By comparison, the incidence of clinical depression and anxiety in the general population of men over 65 in the UK is six percent and eight percent, respectively.

Assessing Your Mental Health may the first step you take to prevent anxiety or depression. Still, nothing can replace the advice of your physician. Incorporating Healthy Living techniques, such as Breathing Meditation and Getting Healthy with the Arts, may also be beneficial to prevent and manage psychological distress.

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