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Introducing Dr. Lloyd, D.C. – Pacific Beach Chiropractor


Dr. Lloyd, D.C. invites you to learn more with Grand Avenue Chiropractic!

“Founder,  Mentor and Contributor to Whole Body Healing and Maintenance for Citizens and Travelers in Pacific Beach” 

Pacific Beach Location: Grand Avenue Chiropractic, 910 Grand Avenue, Ste 109, San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (858) 273-1721

Dr. Lloyd, D.C. BIO

Dr. Lloyd, D.C. is the founder of Grand Avenue Chiropractic in Pacific Beach CA.  Dr. Lloyd’s skill goes beyond traditional chiropractic adjustments to offer total rejuvenation for his patients suffering from sudden pain and chronic pain, spinal subluxations, or those in need of maintenance services.  Dr. Lloyd employs all types of modalities to address musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders, including, but not limited to:  massage, rehabilitation therapies, ultrasound, and spinal adjustments. Dr. Lloyd uses his advanced expertise to draw on your own body’s natural capabilities to avoid  and relieve pain, as well as, prevent or restore physical mobility issues and/or ailments. In fact, Dr. Lloyd incorporates the latest pain relief and rehab techniques to maximize results. Athletes, such as, Jim Price and Hershel Dennis have appreciated Dr. Lloyd’s combination approach in sports rehabilitation therapy, isokinetic resistance training and chiropractic care to enhance their  lives.  Dr. Lloyd is well known for personalizing Chiropractic plans for optimized outcomes. 

Dr.  Lloyd, D.C. initially studied Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy at Point Loma University while working as a personal trainer. Dr. Lloyd then redirected his expertise to focus on chiropractic care and received his Doctorate from Life West Chiropractic College in San Francisco. Dr. Lloyd also participated in an International Extension Program to Costa Rica where he donated services to people in need. Dr.  Lloyd opened his Grand Avenue practice in 2003. There are many factors to consider when interested in chiropractic care.  Dr. Lloyd exceeds expectations in all areas derived from his diverse educational background and experience in a wide range of related advanced techniques.

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