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Care Expenses

167926376Care expenses may be costly without proper planning. So, we invite you to review some of the costs for services that we have identified.

Amenities, Care Levels and Cost

By learning more about amenities, care levels and costs, you may more accurately make decisions with the aid of physicians in the above link. The quick glance cost information below may vary, depending upon geographic market, level of experience of providers, credentials and more.



The Basics

Non-licensed Homemaker Aides: $15 to $30 per hour

Home Health Care Givers: $13 to $24 per hour for at home or facility care, according to Met Life surveys.

Adult Day Care Centers: Care may include group activities, meals, transportation, nursing supervision and fees range from $25.00 to $100.00 per day, medical insurance and long term care plans may provide benefits for adult day care centers

Board and Cares: Types of care may range from assistance with daily living skills, medication administration, therapy treatments, and hospice care.  This option offers a smaller family-type home environment and possibly doctor house calls. Fees may range from minimally $1,400 per month or more for a shared room to $4,000 or more for single, unshared room- depending upon geographic area, amenities and medical provider fees.

Assisted Living Facilities: These facilities usually offer private and semi-private rooms, group activities, nursing services, and physician visits. Fees may range from $2,000 to $4,000 or more monthly, plus add-on charges as decreased daily living-skill abilities occur.

Nursing Home: Nursing homes offer total nursing and physician care. Fees average $42,000 to over $70,000 annually in the U.S. Some seniors also select private caregivers and their own physicians for additional assistance.

Outside Services (Transportation, Home Meal Delivery and Respite): 48% of caregivers use outside services. Transportation ranges from $200 for each round trip for wheelchair transport service (transportation may be included in facility fees), up to $400 or more for meals.

Respite Care: Caregiver hourly rates often apply in respite care, which gives family caregivers needed breaks from their loved ones who require constant care.

Medical Provider Care. Consider Mobile Physician  Services and Private Doctors with Nursing Home Privileges.

Your Health Access To Do List

Check your health insurance policy to identify benefits. You’ll likely learn that the benefits are limited.   For example, select PPO Plans may offer physical therapy, occupation therapy and physical therapy  (tools to recover from daily living skill disabilities) “more freely” following repeated stroke incidents when compared to an HMO Plan. This may play a significant role in the costs you or your loved one will be required to absorb if the stroke victim remains  disabled and requires assistance with a daily living skill. Daily living skill assistance is not traditionally covered by health insurance. Government plans may offer short term assistance. However, the vast majority of seniors require longer term assistance with one or more daily living skills over time. 

Consider in a long-term care insurance policy with a company that is well diversified and tax qualified.

  • Inquire about elimination periods and precise benefits for home health aids, non-licensed homemakers, adult day care centers, board and cares, assisted living, nursing homes and durable medical supplies.
  • Check to see if you have the ability to select your own medical provider in the long term care insurance plan.
  • Consider a tour of its “affiliated” facilities to identify the insurance company’s level of expectations for quality care meets yours.

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