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Dermatologist St Paul Minneapolis MN Dr Crutchfield

Dr. Charles E. Crutchfield III, Dermatologist, begin to embrace the 5 Star Crutchfield Dermatology experience and contact us today!

Phone: (651) 209-3600

Crutchfield Dermatology Clinic, 1185 Town Centre Drive Suite 101 Eagan, MN 55123

“Serving patients interested in a Nordstrom skincare experience!”

Dr. Crutchfield’s mission is to offer the same class and style as your best Nordstrom shopping experience. In fact, you can select from a wide range of medical grade skincare products right online through his website, following a personal consultation with Dr. Crutchfield so your skincare routine can be customized for the most beautiful skin. Whether you are near or far, Dr. Crutchfield and his highly experienced team are at your service for the best  skincare experience. This is not because he was selected as one of the “Top Dermatologists in America” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America-among other prestigious recognition awards; or because he was featured by many media outlets, including CNN’s medical show ‘House Call’ with Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussing skin cancer, sun protection and ethnic skin concerns. Perhaps, it’s because every patient is treated with the same superior service and delicate care.

As a lecturer and author, Dr. Crutchfield has long enjoyed sharing the results of his research activities in psoriasis, pseudo folliculitis barbae, and acne keloidalis nuchae with physicians around the country and across the world through his website. Aside from publishing over 100 articles, he recently co-authored a textbook entitled “A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases”. As a mentor, he was twice elected the Teacher of the Year at the University of Minnesota by students and the Minnesota Medical Foundation. Dr. Crutchfield has also been awarded the “Karis” humanitarian award from the Mayo Clinic.

As a dermatological surgeon, professor, researcher and author, it is a privilege and honor for Dr. Crutchfield’s students and peers to work with him; just it is for his patients.  Dr. Crutchfield commitment to excellence is distinguished at every level of patient care.   In fact, he is an active participant and leader in several medical organizations.

Whether it’s all areas of dermatology or a focused interest you have in skincare, you’ll find some of the latest techniques and technology available at The Crutchfield Clinic. For some of the latest information on psoriasis, vitiligo, laser surgery, atopic dermatitis, aesthetic treatments (including Botox and alpha-hydroxyl skin peels), Epiluminecense microscopy with the advanced dermatoscope, and ethnic skincare, we invite you to enjoy the wonderful quality at The Crutchfield Clinic!

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